Hi, I’m Danica.

I guess I’m a lot of things: a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a crafter, a cook, a reader, a writer, a homemaker, a pianist, and probably a lot more too. But at the end of the day, I’m just a Christian trying to find and obey God’s will.

one weekend in maine: day one May 7

Sometimes, you’re sitting at the breakfast table on a Thursday morning. And you say to your husband, “Now that your dad is back from NZ, we should plan a trip to go visit.” And your husband says, “Let’s go tomorrow!”

At least, that’s what sometimes happens in my world.

So, Friday drive, Saturday visit, Sunday drive again — that was my weekend. And yes, it’s a long drive. My kids are peaches. I think all of those early plane trips to and from California made them thankful to at least be in a car for 8 hours. (I know I sure am!) A bag of books, a snack, the wonderful anticipation of when Mama will say yes to watching a movie, singing along to worship music, and just staring contentedly out the window — it keeps them awfully happy. Or maybe they’re just pretty happy kids. Either way, it’s fun to travel together.

day one:

first things first: chocolate chip muffins

early morning preparations

on the road

beatrice figured out that there was a movie behind her

our favorite Burlington stop

a dramatic day for driving through beautiful mountains

happy to watch a movie!

our fearless leader


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