over a decade with my baby.

There was a birthday celebrated in September that must be recorded: my eldest, Jameson.

He was just born, wasn’t he?, and yet no. There is over a decade’s worth of memories crammed into the treasure chest of my heart.

He is growing. He is tall, yes, but he is growing. A quieter heart, a new confidence, the incredible perception and awareness he’s always had growing into wisdom. He’s still just a boy, but this older boy I’m just sort of observing and marveling at.

I can’t believe how much my heart is just wrapped up in him. My beautiful boy.

I blinked, and suddenly, we’re here:

First morning as an 11yo, drinking coffee and chatting with Cecily, who just adores him.

Perfect freckles.

3 Comments over a decade with my baby.

  1. Ivny Monteiro

    Querida Danica,

    Escrevo do Brasil. Tenho acompanhado seu blog há alguns meses e estou encantada com sua família, sua visão de mundo e o testemunho do Evangelho em meio a tudo isso.
    Ao ler seus posts minha vontade é agendar uma visita para tomar um chá (risos) e aprender sobre vida e maternidade.
    Continue escrevendo, registrando…tudo isso me inspira.
    Com carinho, Ivny.


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