About Me

Yup, my name is Danica. Like the race car driver, whose name I know, but whose career I know nothing about. A Nascar fan I am not. Things like reading, playing piano, gardening, cooking, sewing, writing, and keeping my bathroom bleached are more up my alley. Read more »My maiden name is Sinclair (not Patrick), and I come from good stock. (So says my husband, anyway!) I’m the oldest of 9 kids–and my parents are neither insane, uninformed, or Catholic. They’re actually the best parents you could ask for. Seriously. (And, consequently, I think pretty highly of my siblings, too, whose blogs you can access from the links below.) I’ve joined a new clan, though, and my husband and I have been “leaving-and-cleaving” for 2 years and counting. We have a son who you’ll read much (too much?) about. Oh. And there are pictures of him, too–hundreds of them–should you care to click on over to my flickr account. I’m a stay at home mom who is redefining that title–I literally stay at home as much as I possibly can. I love to be home! Home, by the way, is in Northern California, although my roots are in a lil’ ol’ town in Northern New York. Lastly, I take all blame for any ridiculous, outlandish, illogical posts. Anything worth commenting on or linking to is due to my husband’s encouragement. In the spirit of the Little engine That Could, “He thinks I can, He thinks I can, He thinks I can,…”, and sometimes, that’s all a wife needs.