end of august?

The green outside my window has faded into the mellow tones of summer’s end, and I realize that August is almost over. So amazing…

:: My mom was a lead in Annie, and I helped to make her fab 1930’s wardrobe. (My sister gets the credit for the amazing hair, though.)

:: My grandparents were here for almost a week. They brought their little dog, who was a huge hit.

:: The boys and I joined the family for a week on Long Island. It was, of course, wonderful.

:: The next week, the boys and I were home alone (while Ryan was on a work trip.) We had work-outside-days, picnics, and lots of William asking “uh-Dah?”, with his little upturned questions hands. (Interpretation: where’s dad?)

:: This week, we’ve been doing what feels like not much, but I read this post, and wow. I needed that. (The visible productivity is over-rated.)

:: My favorite height-of-summer recipe for this year is, hands down, Scalloped Tomatoes. (I used whole wheat batard with the crusts on. And one time, stirred in cubed mozzarella with the basil to make a one-pot meal.) Wow. So, so good, and I know that come February, I’ll be having dreams about the incredible sweetness that is garden-fresh tomatoes.

:: I try to stay a little bit in the loop, and regular emails from them help. Have you signed the petition?

:: A friend’s questions about breastfeeding gave me an excuse to re-visit favorite articles. (And to remember that part of my day’s productivity is still nourishing another human being. Being tired is okay, spending lots of time sitting and nursing is okay. It’s all okay.)

:: Heading out to an Amish farm today to pick up a bushel of peaches. It’s not a quick trip, but it’s a beautiful drive. And I think I’ll take all of those un-busy minutes of driving and turn it into some time with Jesus. Perfect.