my boys

I’ve been missing Ryan. The longer we’re married, the less I like to be apart. By the time I’m 50, we’ll be inseparable, I suppose. (I’m suddenly thinking of Up and trying not to get emotional.)

But no Ryan means a special chance to be all Mama and soak up all the little boy lovin’ I can. Jameson holds my hand lots, and William (who has a little fever and an upset tummy — sad!) wants me to hold and snuggle him lots. My very favorite, though, is bedtime, when we all three fall asleep into bed together, nestled close against each other — and then wake up and snuggle even closer for just a minute before Jameson hears his Uncle Merrick and runs away to play.

That’s all, really. I just wanted to write and remember this special week, with my two boys, sharing pillows and dreams.

I love them!