november 9

Fridays are a special days in our lives. Busy, but special.

It begins Thursday night. Jameson sets out his school uniform (and Mama realizes his jeans/polo/whatever isn’t clean. Grrr! Better hurry and get that laundry done!)

Friday morning, I skip my walk and jump right into the shower instead. Jameson bounces out of bed with extra excitement (I say extra, because there’s always excitement), and hurries through his morning chores. I make him a sandwich, label a brown paper bag, fill his water bottle, and feed him breakfast. One more uniform check before we leave, and every week I’m stunned by how grown up he is. Such a good, good boy.

I wave good-bye to William, reminding him to keep an eye on Beattie, and drive Jameson to the church. I’m in a long stream of minivans and SUVs, as families from all over the county drop their home schooled children off for a morning of enrichment activities. Jameson hops out of the backseat, shouts goodbye, and joins the throng of children excitedly bounding up the steps and through the front door. He’s confident. Just last year, he wanted me to hold his hand and take him inside. Not anymore.

I drive back home and join William and Beatrice for breakfast. We tidy the house, get baths, read books, and prepare for errands together. Today, we picked up the last of our CSA and grabbed a few groceries. People ooohed and ahhhhed over William and Beatrice at the grocery store, of course. “Are they always so good?” I smile. “They really are blessings.” (How do you answer that question, anyway? Right?)

We listen to Psalty in the car and play William’s favorite song over and over. Usually he has to take turns choosing songs, but today it’s just him. Live it up, kid!

Back to the church, where the three of us open our own paper bag lunch. PB&J! Quickly wipe off sticky fingers, and drop William and Beatrice off at the nursery, where a couple of home school moms volunteer to watch teachers’ children. Then I grab my music folder and head up to the choir room. Soon, the thunderous sound of 40 2nd-4th graders is heard in the hallway, and then they are bursting through the door, chatting and laughing, bright eyed and pink-cheeked. Happy, happy kids. So far this semester, we have learned efficient ways of getting bathroom runs out of the way, how to answer respectfully when I take attendance, and that a singing voice is different that a talking voice. Several of them are also learning harmony lines, and though they’re deeply nervous about it, watching their faces when they hear their voices blending in harmony is just fun. Bell rings, and without too much stampeding, they head down to assembly. The morning is over.

Last year, Jameson would come home and not remember a single thing that had happened. “It was fun.” Really? That’s all you’ve got? But this year, he tells funny stories from lunchtime, sings snippets of his choir songs, gets really excited about his art projects, and remembers all about storytime and character class. He’s so much older!

William just loves that he gets to go see Aunt Bettia in the nursery. (That’s Brietta, for those of you who were stumped.)

I’m really, really thankful that I get to home school Jameson, and I’m also really thankful for a great program on Friday mornings. This little corner of the world is really blessed, and I don’t take it for granted!


Also, because I forgot to post anything yesterday, you get a photo for free. Totally unrelated. But absolutely adorable.