“If I make my bed in hell, behold, You are there.” Psalm 139

I think about that last week. I ponder the fact that God will go to the darkest depths to find me, to find you.

See, I don’t know what your ideas about Jesus are. Most people think He’s just sitting in line up there with every other world religious leader — somewhat unattainable, but they love to sit and watch us try. Be this, be that, do more, go there. Maybe it’ll get you somewhere in the end, maybe it’ll just make life more good.

But no, that’s not Jesus.

He doesn’t sit, watching us try, knowing we can never succeed. He came. He comes.

My dad said once: we have this idea that the farther we walk away from God, the more steps we’ll have to retrace in returning to Him. But that’s not true, because the most anyone ever has to do is turn. And there He is.

Even if I make my bed in hell, still there You will find me.

I think about that, and then I hear this. This says it all. Give it a listen.