beatrice’s quilt

“Handmade” wouldn’t exactly describe this past Christmas — or much of anything relating to the last few months! (Well, at least not as typically understood. This home and the kids in it are cared for and made “by hand”. Right?)

There was one handmade gift, though, that I was really wanting to pull off by December 24th: a quilt for the baby. I’d had it on my mental calendar since last spring, knowing that I’d want to wait to discover the gender before moving ahead. I also figured that by the time I finally got a little groove, but wasn’t totally out of the newborn sleep zone, Christmas would be a good deadline.

Then the debate about what to make. I bookmarked so many quilts. Thought about so many fabrics. Finally bought a whole stack of half yards (brand new! full price! oh my!), cut out every piece, laid it out on my table — and decided it wasn’t me. Then I asked every person who walked through what they thought, and it was unanimous: it wasn’t me. Bummer. I hate being stuck.

So I finally pulled out an old button-down shirt that was worn by Brietta, then by me, and finally tucked away because I loved the print that much. I kept pawing through my (beautiful new) closet of fabric bits and pieces and — ta-da! — a linen skirt, a linen curtain, some leftovers from this and that, and I had a quilt top! I guess that’s just the way I do projects: rummage and scrounge.

It was quick, simple, “modern”. 10 hours, perhaps? Even the hand-sewn binding went on quickly, as did the yellow running stitch embroidery I added to some of the solids (which I’d had in my head as the only must have for this quilt!)

So, for those of you curious (SAM!), here’s the quilt. And the baby. Because let’s face it; she’s way more fun to look at than any quilt!