waiting for the sun

Yes, a second post.

I wish I could share the panoramic view of the sun rising that is happening from my family room right now. Such amazing drama every single morning. For so long, the darkness and the light are simple separating along the horizon, and then suddenly, this sliver of coral appears behind the blackness of the trees.

And my breath catches.

And it’s more than just beautiful. Suddenly my heart is yearning, and a chorus stirs:

We will keep our eyes on You,
We will keep our eyes on You…

Because doesn’t the sunrise make you think of this life of faith that we live? Aren’t we all living every day with our eyes fixed on that sliver of coral, knowing that Someday, the Sun will be at high noon, with us living in its glorious light? Isn’t the challenge to keep our eyes glued to that light, resisting the temptation to live lives of darkness, and instead, declaring by our lives of faith that there is a Kingdom of light, and someday it’s going to consume every shred of darkness — and our lives are the evidence of things unseen?

And isn’t it amazing that God has created all of these symbols, all of these prophetic declarations, that we would be constantly reminded of Him?

So yes. This morning I’m reminded, as I watch that sliver grow into a brightening sky, that I’m living for a Day yet to come — my life is the Already, waiting for the Not Yet. I see Jesus, but only enough to know that I can’t wait to see it all.

So we can set our hearts on You,
We will set our hearts on You…

[listen here]