William walks now, and it’s so cute to see him become even more a part of our activity. The cutest thing so far? Last night, Ryan had both boys on his lap, reading a bedtime story in the rocking chair in their room. Suddenly, William slipped off his lap, toddled to the bed and grabbed his “special” quilt, and then dragged it behind him as he set off down our hallway, calling, “Mama!” He’d decided it was time for me to wrap him up and nurse him to sleep. Aww!

Equally cute, but incredibly sad, is what he’s doing right now: Since he didn’t fall asleep while nursing and rocking, I laid him in his crib for naptime and left him. Ryan just peeked in to check on our crying baby, and said he’s standing at the edge of the crib, holding up his “special” quilt and crying, “Mamaaa! Mamaaa!” Aww!

My little sweetie. I love that boy.