closer and closer….

It’s been a busy week. Let’s see:

Within 7 days, I was in Albany for two days and Rochester for three… and the two in between didn’t count for much other than preparation to leave again!

America got an Idol—the wrong one, but at least a decent one. It could have been worse (it could have been Fantasia again, right?)

After ridiculous deliberation (decision making is not my favorite), I finally bought dishes for our new home. White, because I’m not settled enough to pick a few colors. (White is amazing wisdom for a girl who likes brown and bamboo, pink and gingham, orange and watering cans, and holiday decor!)

The said apartment made progress: carpet measurements, doors hung, and a shower installed!

I played a concert during Memorial Day weekend—one of the first nice evenings of the year (so you can take a guess at how the turnout was!)

My own dear boy moved out of his last bachelor pad, and I got to clean. Let’s just say, he needs a wife!

The homestead is being turned upside down—time for summer projects, and a wedding is a great goal to work towards. Paint, sand, goop, and sort…

And most exciting to me is that in the last seven days, summer has arrived in Northern New York! The gardens are finally full and ready to burst into bloom, the grass is green and growing like crazy, birds are singing, bugs are buzzing, and the sun is pouring its warmth. Ahh, there’s nothing better than digging in the garden with the sun warming your back. Of course, I could do without the wasp that is presently flying around my head and now trying to land on my leg. Gross.

If we trace back a few more days than seven, I can tell you about my wedding shower. How much fun it was! Of course, my little sisters and cousins manned the camera that day, so instead of shots of the huge number of wonderful women who came to support me and share their love, we ended up with baby Bronwyn sitting, baby Bronwyn drooling, baby Bronwyn grinning, baby Bronwyn crying, baby Bronwyn crawling… You get the drift! But it was a lovely party, and I was so very, very blessed. The setting was lovely, the food was incredible (thanks to my amazing mom, sister Bri, and lots of others who helped with prep!), the gifts were wonderful, and the fellowship was special and will be cherished. There were hugs and words of advice and prayers that brought me to tears, so real was the love and affirmation expressed by all. I’m excited to iron the fun napkins and cook my first meal, but I’m especially excited to get married, having within me the investment and example of so many.

But perhaps most monumental is that today it became June—the June when my life will change forever. This is the first time that I’ll have lived anywhere but with my family—and our family in the same house for almost two decades! It’ll be the first time I have a husband, too, and people tell me that’s an even bigger change than moving! I’m growing in excitement as I hear the Lord speak to me, as my love for Ryan increases, as my desire to sow into his success gains expression, and simply at the amazing change that’s around the corner. I’m not one who will volunteer for change—I like tradition and constancy more and more—but this is a change worth running whole-heartedly into. Bittersweet, yes, but more than that, the Holy Spirit gives the ability to mourn as those who do not mourn, for our true Love and Desire lies ahead, far from 1942 State Highway, Madrid. And though change may come at a cost, and the future demands that we trade in the past, undiminishing joy and the fulfillment of our hearts’ longings is waiting for those who run with an unwavering love for the Prize.

On June 25th, in a few short weeks, Ryan and I begin running this Christian race together. And how blessed I am to be joining a man who will not only take care of the “togetherness”, but will see to it that we run in such a way as to attain the prize, Christ alone.