“Why don’t you sleep in?”, he whispered, and I nodded, still half asleep.

A bit of commotion–a drawer opening and closing, coffee grinding–and then all was silent. I slipped off into a few more minutes of rest.

Finally unable to lay still any longer, I opened the door to my little world–my little kitchen/dining/living room that I’ve been trying for weeks to convert into “home”. And, oh, what a pleasant experience it was (for the first time perhaps?) Hours of work yesterday afternoon yielded a homier looking apartment. A kitchen that is right-side-up. A living room that, although still awaiting a piano, is more “well-appointed”. A dining room with my prized gifts from Paula finally hanging on the wall. Not only that, but it’s all clean. Ahh.

Little things: Batiks on walls. Knives in blocks. Couch more centered. Nothing on my counter that doesn’t belong. (I can breathe again!)

Little things that made me smile this morning as I greeted my little world. And as I smiled, there was almost a sense of rest and contentment. I almost–could it possibly be?–felt at home.

Thank You, Lord. There are reasons for each day, a purpose behind everything, and I know I can trust Your goodness at all times. Still, I’m so very thankful for the moments when You are leading me beside still waters and restoring my soul. You know my needs–and You are the answer to them all. Thank You for being here this morning, and making my heart to be at rest.

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