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A two-day shopping trip with my mom and a sister–the anticipated event of my pre-holiday season–is over. We shopped from the time the doors opened till the last door closed for two days and came home with a Caravan full of packages. When it comes to shoppers, we are the real deal! My favorite moments of the trip were when Mom would pull into the parking lot, and without a word to each other we would simultaneously unbuckle, strap on the purses, and emerge from the vehicle, fully armed. We were as synchronized as any SWAT team!

Now my living room is home to a pile of goods, from new lamps to wrapping paper to stockings to presents… A few more weeks, and the music can start playing while I wrap all of these packages.

Before then, I’ll fill my new pie plates with dessert for the biggest meal of the year, which I’m also excited about. Ryan laughed at me when I bought a $4 children’s book about the pilgrims. “Who’s that for?”, he asked. “Oh, for us. You know, to set out with our decorations.” I’m not sure he knows what to do with me sometimes!

But today is cleaning day–big time. I was sick for five days last week, and then left to go shopping, so today I get to make up for all of my “time off”. Besides enjoying a clean house, Ryan and I have to prepare for our first “real” guest to arrive: Dr. Wilson. Anyone know what I should have in my cupboards for his enjoyment–besides black tea and lots of sugar in the sugar bowl?

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