a lost post from september.

After snuggling deep into a wool sweater all day yesterday (and avoiding puddles, having perpetually damp hair, and a chill affecting my spine), I am very happy to see today’s forecast: 68 and sunny. I think I’ll make sure to be outside a bit today.

I woke up at 7:00 this morning, which I haven’t done in awhile. It started with exhaustion catching up to me, sleeping consistently through my alarm, and finally giving up and letting sleep run its course. But that led to sleep getting the best of me, robbing me of early mornings, and leaving me with that awful sense of being lazy and a bit behind. Enough is enough, and last night I set my alarm. Funny how a little thing like getting up infuse my rest with a sense of anticipation.

Now if I can just start getting to bed at a reasonable hour. (These are the “growth curves” of being newly married: how to be a night person for him and a morning person for me…)

Days seem to disappear rapidly as of late. Not that they haven’t always, but now those hours melt away, dissipate, vanish into thin air as never before. It’s morning, and then it’s mid-afternoon. Before I know it, it’s time for candles and lamps and post-dinner chores. I only pray that I’m able to do what it is He has for me in this fleeting space of time. Grasping and holding certainly won’t help, but living in His presence, abiding in Him–that will fill these short days with meaning. It will cause my vapor of a lifespan to have impact.

Lord, use me today. My plans aren’t very grandiose. No one ever made history cleaning a bathroom–but somehow use me. Let the fragrance of Christ fill the rooms I enter and the conversations I have. Let my mind be on You and Your Kingdom. Fill my cup to overflowing.

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