2006: A string of moments.

A new year.

Yesterday my calendars went up–a Mary Engelbreit wall calendar, and a daily calendar by the same. I love her colorful illustrations of warmth and vibrancy and appreciation for life’s little blessings. I thumbed through the daily calendar before sleeping last night, enjoying 365 drawings, dreaming up what can be done with them when the year is over… And I was inspired and challenged by the quotes–sentiments of carpe diem, captured hundreds of different ways, but all with the same “savor life” emphasis. For instance,

Happily ever after is lived one day at a time.

…and many more.

Somewhere around 163 days into the calendar, I inwardly stepped back and took a deep breath. “Enjoy the moment.” I got the point, loud and clear, but how difficult that is for this serious, uptight, goal-oriented girl! I don’t get over “spoiled” moments very easily, and once disappointed, it takes me a bit to get my heart back to hoping. Most mornings I don’t spring out of bed, singing to the birds and smiling at the world; most mornings I sit very purposedly on the couch, organizing my thoughts, my goals, the must-dos and the want-tos. And there’s nothing wrong with the couch method, as long as my heart is rejoicing in the day that the Lord has made.

Enjoy the moment.

And not just because it’s irretrievable, which it is. Not just because it’ll make the next one happier, which it will. Not just because they’ll add up to a happy and healthy life, which they can.

Enjoy, because God is in the moment. God is not in yesterday’s highs, or waiting for the list of to-dos to begin. God is NOW. (Not to be confused with women’s rights activists; I apologize for any confusion!) Enjoy the moment, celebrate life, breathe in deeply, and savor the details because God is now, God is giving them, and God is there to celebrate them with me. Yes, God is not only gifting me with this moment, but is waiting for me to notice and enjoy it with Him. This might be called communion, or fellowship, or relationship, or practicing the presence. Whichever and whatever, it’s a moment to be enjoyed, because God is in it.

This year, 2006, I hope I’ll be able to do just that. Hopefully, prayerfully, I won’t write down a list of five goals and see twelve months in which to accomplish them. Instead, I want to have five goals written on my heart, and see each moment as an opportunity for God to work in my heart toward that end. 2006 is simply a long string of God moments; may I see it as such.

In fact, maybe I’ll go write “God is NOW!” at the top of each square on my Mary Engelbreit calendar. That’ll remind me!

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