This is a lazy day.

It’s kind of nice that every once in awhile, something bigger than our schedules and urgencies decides to ground us all at home for the day, and there’s not much choice but to get cozy and settle in.

My mornings haven’t been terribly ambitious as of late, but today, I’m not going to even make an attempt to get moving. I’m happy just sitting on the couch, watching in wonder as the wind — that mysterious, invisible force — whips full-grown trees all around, and howls through their branches. It’s amazing.

I’m reminded today to rest, to cease from striving, and to remember that God is directing our steps. The wind today, although amazing, is also very dangerous — and yet, here I sit, in protection and stillness, simply observing. And I feel a call in my spirit to find the quiet place of His presence.

Keep me as the apple of Your eye; Hide me under the shadow of Your wings…

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