invisible ink.

Was just thinking (and writing to a friend) that change is really the only way that we have to identify God’s faithfulness in our lives. I could look back through history and see that God is a faithful sort of being, but in my own life, such constancy would blend with the backdrop were it not for the occasional (and sometimes frequent) changes of scenery. He writes on each page of our lives with the invisible ink of His life-sustaining faithfulness — and every once in awhile, that magical pen of change comes along and brings to the light the words He’s been writing.

His constancy really is amazing. The fact that in each season, He manifests Himself through people and situations so clearly, and yet is not constrained to those things — that is more than we can always understand. The moment change happens, He is near us, speaking and loving and caring for us in new ways, through new people and situations. And if we are ready to simply cling to Him, and not to the earthly things He sometimes wraps Himself in, then we are more apt to find joy in each morning and not wake up weeping for our yesterdays.

Yes, change is good. It clarifies and separates the good things of His hand from His hand itself.

But change is hard, too. And He knows that. That’s why He’s already there, in the new place, being what He’s always been: constant.

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