another thought…

[I’m sort of playing catch-up today.]

Something that she wrote struck and stuck. It made me think of the things of nature that I truly love and find life in:

the never-fail arrival of four seasons
the flying V’s in October and March
the roaring waves hitting the shore
the whisper of wind through leaves
the sun’s rising, day after day
the peace of dusk falling on a world in need of rest…

I love those things. The undulating patterns of life, all around us. They are beauty, they are peace, they are constancy, they are always.

And so when I read,

Waves lap…wind brushes by…trees rustle and dance and wave. All of Earth sings Your praises. In rhythmic, daily constancy.
Without end.
Quotidian praises to You.
Quotidian: occurring or returning daily. Over and over and over again.

Like the work I do: cooking meals, baking bread, hanging laundry, changing diapers, sweeping dirt. Quotidian work.

Like the endless waves lapping on the shore, quietly lilting its song of adoration, so we dance our quotidian dance of praise: dishes and dusting, laundry and… liturgy.

I was challenged.

When I’ve started my silent grumbling over oft-repeated chores, I remember the waves, and I stop. This is my praise. This is my contribution of beauty, peace, constancy, and always.

Be praised in my life, dearest Lord.

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