It’s been hot and humid here, but the balmy early mornings, waking up to the whir of fans, remind me of vacation in California. I wouldn’t mind going back sooner than later.

But speaking of visits to that wonderfully sunny state, I’m so proud of Julia. My mom said this:

“We were totally proud of Julia. She received many encouraging words of praise from attenders in the audience — members of the LA Guitar Quartet, for instance. Comments on her tone and intrepretation. She had worked very hard on the latter and really excelled.”

She got to play for the LA Guitar Quartet! How very, very cool!

What wonderful opportunities the Lord has opened up for her. It’s a great testimony to sowing and reaping. She’s been a great steward of her [thousands of!] talents.

And today she’s playing tennis with Dad. I can only imagine playing tennis at a perfect court on a perfect day.

Yay for her!

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