almost a year!

One year.

Hard to believe it’s almost been an entire year. The First Year was so thought through, so talked about, so focused on. And now it’s almost over. On June 26th, we’ll officially have moved into the rest of Forever. (…Forever, of course, being a slight exaggeration, and only meaning the rest of our finite lives.)

I’m thinking this week, and for the last little bit, about this year that we have under our belts. What did we learn? How have we changed? What made it a successful year? So many questions I really don’t have a clear answer to. I simply know that the bride I was twelve months ago is not the same wife I am today. Can I put my finger on the lessons learned? Well, maybe, when revelation strikes and I suddenly understand the subtle mysteries of transformation. But mostly, the progress was made below the surface. Like any structure that is built to last, there must be digging and strengthening far beneath what will eventually be visible. A foundation, laid carefully, intentionally, ready to carry the weight of what will one day rise.

All very poetic for something that seems anything BUT on a daily basis. But days string together, and, when each is surrendered to the Master’s hands, become something none of us, living from moment to moment, could have foreseen.

So, we’ll celebrate one year this weekend. There was the hemming and hawing and leaving it until the last minute, but at last we decided.

We’ll spend the whole weekend here, strolling and eating and enjoying the things that I’ve never really taken time for. This lovely spot will be home for three days. There won’t be any of these (maybe next time around), but there will be him, him, and all the rest. And of course, plenty of this. Gotta make sure we support the local roasters!

I’m excited. I’ll take the camera and savor every sight, taste, and note.

And look forward to the rest of our Forever.

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