take my moments

Ever have those days where you wonder, Am I missing it? Am I living in the perfect will of God — or has my living sacrifice squirmed off the altar once again? I see that red flag and decide to make it an opportunity for realignment.

The amazing thing to me is that, even though I get greatly overwhelmed by my shortcomings as I review all of the reasons why indeed I am not living in the abundance Jesus offers, the solution is always simple. It’s always simply a matter of saying, Lord, I give You my heart.


Oh, what peace I often forfeit!

And how wonderfully pure and illuminating is the light of His presence, shining in my heart, bringing conviction and correction. How wonderfully secure my feet feel when once again they are planted in His paths. How safe my heart and mind feel when He is once again established as Lord, and my thoughts and feelings bound to the standard of His Word.

He is all goodness and purity — and there is such rest in that.

A song plays in my head as I renew my commitment:

I will come and bow down
at Your feet, Lord Jesus
In Your presence is fullness of joy

There is nothing,
there is no one
to compare with You

I take pleasure in worshipping You, Lord

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