count your blessings

Along with cream-colored ponies and crisp apple streudel, these are a few of my favorite things:

::Jameson’s fatter-than-ever cheeks.*

::My lovely friend (the short one!) coming to my rescue, because she’s only a phone call away.

::Jameson laughing in this really goofy way when he falls asleep while nursing. It’s sooooo super-cute!

::Our Christmas tree, filling our little living room. I love where we put it this year!

::My baby’s smushy back, as I say. I love the way all that chub rolls when I lift him to “drip-dry” out of his bath. Oh! That reminds me —

::Giving Jameson baths.

::Holding hands with Ryan in the mall. That’s the nicest way to Christmas-shop.

::Bronwyn’s sunshine smile.

::Jamie’s dimples!

::Mom’s house at Christmas.

::The countless things about Jameson that I find absolutely amazing and wonderful, and think the whole world really should know about, too, but probably would take too long to tell. (I know, of course, that you wouldn’t get bored, because he really is the most wonderful little munchkin!)

…and he’s almost three months old, so I’ll throw this one in:

::The memory of meeting and falling in love with Jameson.


*I won’t lie; I stole “::” from Bri. Next, I’ll steal “:.” Anyone know who that’s from?

2 Comments count your blessings

  1. Lore

    ummm. pretty sure i have that copyrighted. i mean, if you can copyright a colon and a period:.

    and also, i’m not sure why my height is suddenly such a shock to everyone. so many many people in the past few days have responded in disbelief at my full five feet of stature. i think people think that because i’ve been away for so long i surely must have grown a little! heh heh.

    but, yeah, isn’t it nice that i’m only a phone call away? i LOVE that about this month.
    oh, and i love Jameson too. you can wax eloquent about him any day to me.

  2. Angela

    Now I have “Favorite things” in my head. that truly is a great movie. :) it was real nice to hear about some of your favorite things. they made me smile. that was nice…thanks for sharing. I am sorry about those clean sheets. I know what it is like to finally get around to them and how nice it is to settle into them. oh yes…what a bummer. Jameson is beautiful and cute…it will be nice to see him face to face sometime. congratulations! you are a beautiful mother and I am so happy for you and Ryan!!! so glad i can finally leave comments! ;)


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