three months old…

…today. (Actually, tonight at 10:13pm.)

We do this three more times, and a whole year will have passed. Amazing. Makes me want to cancel every appointment and sit here with my quickly-growing baby.

Happy three months, my little love. You’re precious to us.
3 months

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  1. Campy

    Thank you for a wonderful weekend. Great to see everyone and meet the little guy. Good looking kid, obviously a result of the Sinclair genes.

    I owe you some coffee.

    (Augustine said that to sing, is to pray twice. His axiom on this wonderful tool and the ability for music to lift our spirits, thoughts and words to the Lord was proven by the Christmas songs led by Danica, the childrens concert organized by Corrina and the worship music led by Julia.

    More and many thanks for an early Christmas present.)


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