months old! Huh. How does that happen?

Before we get to pics from yesterday and an update on the sophisticated language of slobber that my son is developing, you’ve gotta see these. Oh, the sufferings of a first-born child! (I actually feel very little pity for him, as he’s been burped faithfully since birth, has never had his fingertips clipped along with his nails, and so far has not been allowed to fall off of any high surfaces and onto his head. So far, he’s made out much better than his first-born mother!)

It was Jameson’s first truly winter morning. I’m not sure he’s totally thrilled.

We’ve got way too many toys dangling from his carseat, but it’s hard not to when he loves them so much! Recent achievements include being able to grab the toys ALL BY HIMSELF! Life just got way more entertaining for muffin man.

He laughs and smiles at anyone, and gets totally distracted by people. He hardly cries when he’s at her house — he’s too busy enjoying three kids taking turns almost falling on his head. He doesn’t know that, though. And I won’t tell him.

But the one thing that he always loves is wrestling with daddy — although, after last night, I’m not sure how eager daddy is to play that again!

The play gym is still a favorite “activity,” as is Rufus and his fists; other favorites are Timothy, and this nifty wrist toy that plays a few bars of a classical tune every time he moves his hand. Guess which doting parent brought that one home? (And he’s so cute with Timothy and his other animals — he opens arms wide, gives them a big hug, and then takes a big bite!)

His favorite thing to wear is this pair of shoes. He now can see the colors, and he’ll watch his feet forever when I put them on! Too cute!

And the biggest news: he’s going bald! There is little brown fuzz left behind on his sheets — too funny! It would appear that he’s working on a faux-hawk… we’ll see!

He eats all the time, sleeps enough to get by, and smiles a smile that totally thrills us. He’s our little blessing!

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  1. j.

    holy links batman, this entry reminds of a boxers face (its all black and blue) seriously though it was great to see and spend time with you guys I’m sorry it wasn’t more but know you are in my thoughts often. Love you guys.


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