Blogging English–Yay!

“Yea” is a very old-fashioned formal way of saying “yes,” used mainly in voting. It’s the opposite of—and rhymes with—“nay.” When you want to write the common casual version of “yes,” the correct spelling is “yeah” (sounds like “yeh” ). When the third grade teacher announced a class trip to the zoo, we all yelled “yay!” (the opposite of “boo”!). (source)

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  1. brietta

    So I’ve been writing “Yay,” for a couple months now, all the while wondering if it’s really wrong. Thanks for the official update. I can breathe again. :)

  2. Andrea

    I just feel like if I say anything that Keith will be making into no big deal and that I am reading into the asking age thing too much. Then I think if he thinks that then no one cares. I just never know what to do. The next time I go would be when Hayla is I believe 18months. It is weird because if it is the same woman that is normally at the desk doing secretary stuff and making appointments she is normally really nice but I don’t see the relevance of my age. I mean would a minor really be calling or would their guardian be doing it for them. I feel like I can’t call and do anything, so I tell Keith to but he says I need to learn to do it myself. The only thing he is not understanding is that men don’t get questioned about their age unless they sound like Gabriel or maybe Merrick! I am CONTINUALLY questioned. One time I had to make an appointment for one of those financial assistance things like P-Cap or M.O.M.S. program, but it was in Buffalo. The woman questioned me twice on my age and asked if I was married twice, by the end of the call I was sobbing! So that is why I hate making calls myself. I don’t think the sound of your voice should make anyone have to know your age, unless it was necessary, but I don’t believe it was. Oh well I will ask I think. Well I am sorry for writing so much. I hope you don’t mind. We miss you guys a lot!


  3. Xiiao

    Pauline – I’m not sure why you are having that pebolrm. I just checked and all the pages seem to be operating properly. Your browser may not be acting properly, or you may need to install a more current version of Adobe Reader ( Hope you get it sorted…


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