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  1. Timothy Foote

    My older sister’s babe loves that thing. Goes nuts when she is put in the bouncing chair. Extremely funny to watch.

  2. Timothy Foote

    Are you guys getting any of the snow that is making every Meteorologist act like they just swallowed a gallon of laffy taffy?

    Just cold here in my part of Michigan. Up north we got three feet in 10 hours though.

    (I really enjoy laffy taffy btw)

  3. Carina

    First of all, I am glad that the jump-thingy is such an incredibly good investment – seriously, I think Jameson came out of the womb seven months matured already. Did I miss something?

    Secondly, 3:21 of Jameson bouncing is a little long. But definitely worth watching just to wait and see if he would start talking and show us just how much he belongs to you and Ryan. Maybe his first words will be eternal security or I love ice cream.

    Still, very cute. Very cute.

  4. lore

    3.21 is especially long when one is watching it on lab computer where there is no sound and only curious people checking over one’s shoulder to see what all the fuss is about. . . oh. . . a soundless baby. interesting.

    needless to say, though, beans, your comment was quite funny.

  5. Ryan

    @Beans (Carina): Yeah, I knew people would find it long. But I recorded it for the purpose of archiving the moment. I considered editing it (in my shiny Mac Book Pro–Core 2 Duo with 2 Gigs of Ram, Word-up!) But decided that would take too much time. …much like this response is taking. (Btw, my hair looks good.)

    @Campy (Tim): You need to come back to visit–we really enjoyed our time with you.

  6. sam

    Very, very cute. (Not only Jameson but the first time parents.) Mitch had a jumper, which he loved, when he was that age. Compared to the new, improved version it looks like a fabric sack on springs. We have way too much video footage of him doing the same thing, it is a common first-time parent condition.

  7. Heather

    Hey Danica-
    I can’t believe how big Jameson has gotten – and I’m only watching him grow from pictures. He seems like quite a fun little guy though!
    Thanks for thinking of me – the sickness has gotten a little worse over the last week or so, but my midwife (who I think was yours as well- Allison) told me to expect it to be worse from 10 – 12 weeks. 12 weeks and beyond never looked so good. I heard you had a rough 1st trimester too. Did anything help?
    I hope all is well in the Dunphey home! Keep in touch.

  8. louissa

    i just sat here and with my darling friend, janel, watched all 3:21 of it and loved every second. i can’t believe how grown up our little man is!

    happy valentines day! i love you guys!

  9. Sarah D

    I could have watched him all day (night)! In my (aunt from 10 hours away) opinion, 3:21 was too short! His new noises are a total cure for a case of the Thursdays! Thanks for sharing! Hope you had a lovely Hallmark holiday….love you!

  10. Laurie (cousin from Me.)

    Hey Ya’ll, I just got off the phone with my favorite Auntie Nene and she said I had to check out her beautiful grandson jumpin’ up a storm….well, it was adorable and it brought back some great memories of my now 19 yr. old, 6’1″ daughter Emily bouncing her little heart out to some great music. My little Niece Jaimee (Jameson’s 3rd cousin) also enjoyed her little “Johnny Jumper” to the music of Gloria Estevan (sp), and every time the music stopped, she would stop jumping and cry…or more like Scream! Of course, we have both girls on home video as well, so enjoy every minute of the Jumping, cause when you are an empty nester like me, those videos bring great JOY! Love you guys, Cousin Laurie

  11. Mary

    He is just too cute! I loved all 3.21 minutes of it! We don’t have a Johnny Hump-Up but we do have a Jumperoo and all of our kids have loved it. It’s amazing how strong God has designed these little legs to be. What a blessing!


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