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  1. Andrea

    That is funny! That is also new because we just recently went on and now it is new. That is a computer on his lap! hah. Oh and make sure you be careful doing that, you know what they say about doing that with men! lol.


  2. julia

    wow… merrick and i are both laughing!

    how adorable!

    he sure is a solid little man, to be sitting with his legs out and a laptop plopped right on top!

  3. camilla

    that is one of the cutest pictures I have ever seen.
    he is sooooo cute.

    danica — happy birthday. I hope you enjoy turning 26 years old. and have fun in Boston = )

  4. louissa

    d, your card is late (i knew i was taking after mom in a lot of things, but this just cemented it) even though i wanted it to get to you on time. but it’s coming and know that i was thinking of you on your special day.

    i love you!

  5. darlenes

    Miss you and can’t wait to be home, but will then miss Louissa. It has been great to see her here in Germany. And Germany and Austria – WOW!

    See you soon, at any rate. Don’t know about pick-up. Is that a possibility for you?

    Love you, my precious girl!

  6. darlenesinclair

    I’m so sorry about Jameson’s episodes. We will be praying…

    Would love to have you pick me up if you think that Jameson won’t mind the trip too much. Would love it!

  7. Mary

    So cute! Lucas and Westley love doing things like this (but we have a toddler laptop for him). Jameson is going to be a very smart guy (and I’m sure, already is!)


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