a safe haven.

I’d been thinking the last few days about what a nice place this is to raise a family. Some may complain that there’s not much to do come Friday night, or no options for shopping except the internet, but you know, that’s okay. It’s quiet, open, friendly, and safe.


So many times I’ve enjoyed that thought. Like when I was home alone, locking my doors against the dark. Or taking a long walk down a country road.

Yesterday I was convicted, though. The Lord reminded me, so clearly, that safe is being hidden in Him. Even little ol’ Nowhere New York isn’t safe from sin and evil. I can’t hide anywhere but under His wings. This is good news, because it means that I could raise my kids in Harlem or Chicago or LA, and His wings would be there, covering us. And what is there to fear, anyway, if I’ve surrendered to the only one who has power to resurrect or destroy the souls of men?

And then today, I read the news.

Evil. It can reach anywhere, for it has found a home deep in the hearts of unregenerated man. I am so sad, so, so, sad.

And I remember, once again, that He and He alone holds me, He holds the ones I love. And here, under His wings, I find a haven from fear. He has promised me what no man can ever take away: Life.

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