I know I haven’t updated in awhile.

Life’s been busy with musicals and friends visiting and sunny days in the garden and life changes.

I’ve been

:. thinking about how different truth spoken in love is than truth laced with sarcasm, cynicism, and negativity. And thinking about how blogs need to abide by the Ephesians 4.29 rule, just as much as our mouths do. I want to do more than declare what I believe to be the gospel truth about the issues of life. I want to impart grace while doing so. (And I want to also understand that I don’t always know. In some things I may be the strong in faith, in others, the weak. I certainly want to always exercise my measure of faith with the understanding that someone out there is probably weaker — and that’s okay. May my life be used to strengthen the weary — not be just one more burden to weigh them down.)

:. praying for a baby that I love dearly. Dearly. I mean, how could you not love her baby? Look at how cute the others are!

:. visiting with a friend. She’s on her way back south right now, but she’ll be back. I was glad of that when I said good night last evening, to the tune of a screaming baby. My attention was a bit divided, but a quick peck on the cheek and a promise of soon being together again was enough. I’ll cry next time.

:. checking out this site every evening. Want to join in the fun? Email me if you find anything fabulous. (Fabulous: 2 bedrooms, under 2G/month [cue choking north country girl], and near pricey menlo. Good luck! :))

:. yes, I’ve been processing a move. A far-away move. Huh. Exciting and sad. Change tends to be that way, I s’pose. More on this in upcoming posts, I’m sure. (Your 2 cents on how to make a transition easier is appreciated!)

:. thankful for the Body of Christ. People voice concern about me being lonely in a distant state, at home with a baby all day. Sure, I’ll be lonely, but I’m not going to lose sleep about making friends. I already know that there are believers where we’re going, and the Lord will knit our hearts. That’s His plan, and that’s my confidence.

:. making myself fat just looking. I’m going to live near this bakery, you know. Fortunately, it’s too much money for me to make such delicacies a regular habit!

:. praying every day for my husband. Did I tell you I really like this book? Yeah, I think I did.

:. slacking off when it comes to my nice little chore schedule. My sewing machine has lured me in again. I go through spurts, and I’ve had one recently. I’ll try to post some pics, at my husband’s urging, of the fruits of my labor. I’ll just say this: it’s a good thing I don’t have a baby girl. I can’t even fathom how many dresses I would have made already!

*How on earth did a Swedish word make its way into our vocabulary? And does anyone else always think of Kirsten whenever they use that word? Is that normal?

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  1. sam

    I followed your links and saw a new listing.

    I have a bit of moving experience, if you have any questions let me know. Are they moving you or do you get an allowance?

  2. louissa

    oh, all the words that are shared from language to language. i think about how English people say we Americans don’t speak proper English, but then i think about all the immigrants our country is made up of and i’m not at all surprised that we don’t use “proper” since of course we’re going to have a large amount of foreign words we’ve adopted into our vocabulary. and wow — i’ve thought about this way too much.

  3. LisaCriscitello

    You’ll be missed!
    How is the family taking your news?
    My cousin and her husband live in SanFran.
    They LOVE it.
    I was there in the fall. It was GORGEOUS!
    (She works at the Venetian in LasVegas.
    The owners fly her there and back twice each week.
    She used to be their nanny)…
    Crazy, fast-paced life out there.
    Like I said, you’ll be missed.


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