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Would this be called a posting frenzy? Just curious.

We watched the presidential debate last night. I’m pretty out of the loop, so it was nice to finally find out who our Republican choices are. Well, “nice” might not be accurate. It was actually more like, “scary to finally find out…” Why? Because the men who seem actually ready to run a country are ridiculously liberal on the social issues.

But that’s not why I’m writing this.

As I listened to a long row of intelligent men, all well versed in the current world affairs, answer the questions posed them regarding terrorism, foreign policy, national debt, and abortion, I realized this: None of these men know all the answers. Not a one of them. They looked so frail, so finite in their humanity as they stood up to questions that are so much bigger than a single man’s wisdom.

I realized this: We desperately need the Lord. Only His wisdom and power can keep babies safe, provide for the needy and sick, protect us from nuclear warfare, and bring peace to the Middle East. We need Him.

With all of the world issues we face tumbling around in my mind, I read 1 Pet 4 this morning:

“The end of all things is near; therefore, be of sound judgment and sober spirit for the purpose of prayer. Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins.”

When I consider the “end of all things”, I have to say that sound judgment, sober spirits, and fervent prayer seem appropriate postures. I don’t immediately think that I should love the brethren more than ever.

But that’s what it says. Isn’t that interesting? I’ve always thought so. Loving one another — our relationship with the greater Body of Christ — is so incredibly important. More than we realize, and probably more than we can fully understand. (Isn’t that the way most God things are? We just obey and find out later why it was such a big deal?)

And be hospitable. Don’t forget that. When another suicide bomber dies, another soldier goes missing, and another storm rocks the South Pacific, fire up the oven and make some cookies. Love — forgiving love — and an open invite for dinner will always stand bright as the night darkens around us.

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  1. diane

    hey, you are so right. i always feel so inadequate when i break into cookies, or picking veggies for a friend, or have a new neighbor over. it never seems enough! but I remember mother theresa, who landed in calcutta and instead of feeling overwhelmed and inadequate, began with the first need she came to. and went from there.
    how are things?

  2. Alison

    Ah yes, it is a little scary. I don’t like to debate..sometimes… about the presidential stuff… but simply rely on God to help me “pick” the one.
    I was joking the other day to some ladies, that I was going to roll a dice or spin a spinner and see who to vote for… they did not see the humor I did.
    At these times, I find renewed strength and spunk to pray for our president, whoever he may be. What an awful job w/an awesome responsibility.

  3. Keila

    I can’t believe you’re going so far! Exciting, I bet! Any chance we could see you before you leave? Love you!

  4. Angela

    hey! I’ll email you again. not sure if you got my recent one. i was wondering when you were leaving?

  5. Sarah Cunningham

    D – when you and Jameson move with Ryan, will you be taking all your furniture, or are you thinking of selling some of it. Danny and I are looking for a nice bed for Mara’s room (used if possible). We were looking for a double or queen size. Just wondering.



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