new sounds

Our windows are open, an invitation to the cool night air to come and purge our home of its daytime warmth.

Outside, I hear…

… cars driving by.
… fireworks, far away.
… a siren in the distance.
… a neighbor’s uproarious laughter.

Not quite the same as living on North Street.

But kinda fun.

Happy 4th!

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  1. LisaCriscitello

    VERY JEALOUS of the FoodNetwork thing.
    As much as I believe that cable is from the pit of hell, I have to admit my “would-be” addiction if we did have tv.
    You know it’s bad when I’ve actually thought about going to the hospital waiting room at 10pm just to watch Emeril or Giada. Never done it, but considering it has to be just as pitiful!
    Glad to see you have sweet plums.
    My Aunt in AZ. is always complaining about her lemons and limes rotting on the ground.
    Grrr- after I just paid $2 for two tiny and lousy lemons from P&C.

  2. lore

    I’m sorry that I sound like a broken record, but for some reason whenever I think of you and chubby baby and happy husband I can’t help but think that I will be there in a few weeks and that makes me happy. The sort of bubbling over happy.

    For today though, I will mail your lovely package. And leave some extra room for love in it.


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