a peek.

There are those of you (wink wink, Mrs. French!) who would like to know what my life is looking like these days. Well, there will be a house tour as soon as I can get some decent pictures. For now, there’s this:

:: The weather, truly, is perfect here. This little spot in the Bay Area happens to stay very moderate in temperature. Every morning, if you’re out and about early enough, you can plan on wearing a sweatshirt. The same goes for evening. By afternoon, though, the sun is hot (but the air is dry — not like NNY!) Yesterday and today are the first overcast days I’ve ever experienced here in California, and they’re actually a very welcome respite from the incredibly bright sunshine we usually have. Yes, I can understand why people would move here for the weather. (I do think, though, that I’ll desperately miss red maple leaves and sparkling fresh snow!)

:: Although this is an incredibly populated area, and we are only 20-30 minutes from two major cities, the little town we are blessed to live is exactly that — a little town. Last Saturday, as Ryan and I pulled Jameson downtown in his little red wagon, I told Ryan how blessed I feel to be able to have a “small” life, even though we live smack-dab in the middle of hustle-bustle Silicon Valley. I’m very thankful.

:: Jameson and I usually take a stroll in the morning. Up until yesterday, we would walk with Ryan to Starbucks, and then he would continue on to his office, and we would head back home. Now that we have our grinder and coffee maker unpacked, we’ve eliminated that walk (and cost!) from our morning routine. We still walk here or here each day to slowly stock the cupboards. I feel like a European — walking down the block to the market each day! I’m hoping that this weekend we’ll be able to make it to a Farmer’s Market, though, because I hear that’s the only way to purchase produce. That should be fun!

:: We’re still on the hunt for a church. We’ve been visiting one for the last few weeks, and have certainly been very warmly welcomed. Two of the women I’ve befriended came over yesterday with their kiddos. The plan was to meet here and then head down the road to the park, but we quickly revised that plan when the kids saw our backyard. I’m not sure they’d ever seen anything like it — with fruit trees and brick paths and secret tunnels through vines… They were exploring and playing and letting their imaginations run wild for hours! Suddenly it felt like a real house and a real backyard. Funny how kids can do that. Jameson had a blast just watching everyone run and shout and play. And I certainly enjoyed sitting on a blanket with Joyce and Christie, chatting away about babies and homeschooling and grocery shopping. Neither of them are lacking in warmth and genuine friendliness, and I’m so glad to have met them. Hopefully they’ll be back soon for more great play time!

:: Setting up house is a big task. Ryan helped lots over the weekend, and that certainly helped me to feel motivated and able. Yesterday I worked on the kitchen, and as a result, we were able to actually sit at a table for dinner! A small accomplishment, but I’ll take baby steps! Today I need to find the inspiration for one more room. (Inspiration is overrated, though; I probably shouldn’t waste too much time waiting for it!)

:: Last week, before our goods arrived, Jameson and I spent a day working outdoors. I found a rake and a shovel in our garage, and thoroughly acquainted myself with the yard. After scrubbing moss off of brick and raking out dead leaves and other fun chores, Jameson and I headed off to a local nursery. I love nurseries, but they certainly aren’t the same when I’m not with my mom. I felt like her — off on my own, trying desperately to pick out the right flowers and remember how my mom would have done things. I managed to make some purchases, and planted my new flowers when I got home. I was proud to show Ryan when he arrived home that evening, although he did sort of call my bluff when he asked, “So, do you like know how to garden?” Umm, well, sort of. I mean, I helped my mom a lot. Okay, well, no, not really. Not without my mom here telling me what to clip and how far down to cut… But I’ll fake it the best I can!

:: I’d write more, but I’m not sure I should spend ALL of Jameson’s naptime writing! To work I go…

…check out my photos for more “life in Cali.”

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  1. Liz Skoglund

    I bet your gardens are going to be lovely. Your home and yard sound great. I can’t wait to see pics. But like my mom said, it takes time and practice to see what works with the setting you are in. Not everything that works in NNY works in Italy and that might go for CA as well. Have fun getting everything set up. I am still working on things a year later. Liz

  2. Angela

    Thanks for the pictures. They’re beautiful! I am glad you had a nice visit w/new friends. I miss you and I’m sorry we didn’t get to see you b4 you were off. Glad everything arrived and you have your piano. :)

  3. A friend in Virginia

    You can WALK to Trader Joe’s???? I am so jealous! Enjoy the Peach Salsa.
    And keep posting! It is so much fun to hear (and see) about your new life in California!

  4. Heather

    Its exciting to read of your new life in California. The pictures were so much fun. Can’t wait for more.

    PS. Its also much fun to be able to tell people, “oh yes, I have a Californian friend”. Silly me.


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