another jameson first

Tonight was a big night at the Dunphey home:


…then a snip here…

…and there…

…and ta-da!

Thus concludes another Jameson first.

(And no tears from the mama, amazingly enough. Boy, she must be brave!)

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  1. darlenesinclair

    I must say that he looks adorable. Can’t wait to see him and have him get familiar once again with all the east coast relatives!

    And I must also say that your comment on Pavarotti made me a bit teary, too. In the flurry of the day I missed news of his death until after dinner on a porch full of happy doings. It didn’t really sink in until I listened to him just now. I think I must have some of his recordings of Donizetti and such. I hope Daddy thinks to get a couple for my stocking… ;)

  2. brietta

    I have to tell you that all of us on the east coast are greatly relieved to see less hair in Jameson’s eyes!

    Now I have to get around to trimming Jackson’s hair again, since can no longer say, “Well, it isn’t as long as Jameson’s,” when people harass me! :)


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