in my defense…

My mother’s comment reminded me that I was going to include my rationale for seasonal decorations in September. :)

1: It is Septmber!

2: I am going out of town next week and will be gone for 2.5 weeks. I’m also leaving for the Christmas holidays on December 13th. So my reasoning goes like this: In order for me to fully enjoy my Christmas decorations, I need to get them up promptly the day after Thanksgiving. Therefore, in order to get full enjoyment out of my autumn decorations, I need to make sure they’re up before I leave town this month.

3: I want to make sure they’re up this week so that Ryan can enjoy them when I’m gone. He likes the seasonally-appropriate house, too. :)

4: Sheri sent me enough fall candles that I can enjoy them every night. And you can only smell spiced pumpkin for so long before you get itchy about decorating.

5: Since I’ll be going to the beach in September and October, I figured I’d have to work extra-hard at convincing myself that we’re moving along in the calendar year. (How do people out here keep track of time, anyway?)

Okay. That’s all.


(You can laugh, Mom.)

7 Comments in my defense…

  1. brietta

    I’m so glad to read this! When I saw your last post, I thought, “Oh dear, should I be thinking about fall decorations already?” I don’t feel quite so behind knowing that this caught others by surprise, too!

  2. sam

    I pulled out fall decorations on August 29th. I was having the girls varsity soccer team for dinner and school was starting and I decided it was felt like fall even if it was more than 80* outside. (Plus, I have two silk flower arrangements that I switch for spring, fall and winter but never quite got to making one for summer and I was tired of looking at the tulips.)

    The weather has officially turned fall-like here so now I don’t feel so bad having my pumpkins and such out but my family was questioning me a bit for a few days.

    Loved the story about Jameson noticing everything. What a fun, fun age!

  3. Michele Laramay

    I decorated for fall yesterday as well. I love my fall decorations. So cheerful! And, my boys enjoy the change too.

  4. nymrsb

    Being California born and bred, I will tell you how we keep track. School always begins in Sept. My birthday is in October, Thanksgiving is in November, and Christmas…well, you should know that one :)

  5. Keila

    I am so glad I’m not the only one itching for some fresh decorations. Actually, I squeezed in Guatemala’s independence day (Sep. 15) this year since my mom’s visit came just in season and she could bring me a few flags and stuff to put up. I did this ONLY because I thought it was simply too soon to get started with oranges and browns and the little crafts I want to make the girls do!

  6. Jackie

    I also read your post and thought that I was behind. Today all my fall decorations were dug out of the basement and are now bunched on the kitchen counter, waiting to find homes. A little early maybe, but who doesn’t love pumpkins?!


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