more prayer needed:

The doctors have been conducting tests today to determine the condition of Aubrey’s heart. A report just came that was less than what we — or the doctors — had been hoping for.

The problem is much more complicated than initially thought: An entire chamber of her heart is not working. The pulmonary and aorta are pumping in and out of the same chamber.

The surgery is more difficult.

And the surgery is needed sooner than later; her heart cannot handle the stress for much longer.

Pray for a miracle. She needs the Lord to touch her in a powerful way.

And besides Aubrey’s heart, please pray for Daniel and Brietta. This is hard news for them both.

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  1. sam

    Yes, thank you for the updates. We are continuing to pray and have passed the word to friends from our previous churches. There are people praying all over the US for this little girl!

  2. Jackie

    praying for all of you continually. I’ve passed along the request to everyone I can think of as well.

    Is there anything practical we can do to help? Do they need their house cleaned or meals cooked for family members still at home? I’d love to help with whatever is being arranged.

  3. Kim Flack

    We’re continually praying as well. We’re with Jackie, we’d be more than happy to send some food over to the house or help out in any other way that we can. Please let us know. And again, thank you for the updates.


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