“Your hand is upon me…

…behind and before.”

That, little Aubrey, is true for you.

Yesterday, little Aubrey, the news was sad and hard. Another impossibility looming before us. Would He carry us over yet another wall? Would His hand cradle you through another struggle?

Today, little Aubrey, the doctors told your daddy amazing things. They said that maybe, just maybe, you wouldn’t need a surgery right away. Maybe they can wait 6 months, until your little body is older, bigger, stronger. Maybe, just maybe, the complications of your heart’s troubles will work in your favor.

And best of all, little Aubrey, the doctors said that when your mama heals and comes down to Syracuse, she can lift you from your plastic bed to her warm, healing embrace. She can take that plastic from your mouth and let you learn to nurse. Did you hear that, little Aubrey? Soon, very soon, you will know what it’s like to be held and nourished by your mama.

Pray for Brietta to recover sufficiently to make the trip to Syracuse today, if possible. And let’s believe for a miracle for Aubrey, a miracle that would make surgery unnecessary altogether. Is our Heavenly Father not able?

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  1. Bonnie

    Praise God-encouraging words-as we thank God for His creative miracle and Aubrey will have no need for surgery now or 6 months from now. She is healed, and we thank God right now as Mommy prepares to hold her precious princess, and how Daddy awaits his precious wife to behold your precious gift to them. What a reunion.
    We thank you, Lord, for each day shows your wonder working power of healing – we hold You in awe. We are thankful and love you, Lord.
    Danica, I am so thankful too that God has shown you His way of communication to all of us who await the latest update and show us how to pray effectively as we continue our prayer vigil..
    Aubrey, we await your coming home. You are sooooooooooooooo beautiful. Daniel, Brietta, Aubrey and family-you are continually throughout the day and night in prayer.

  2. Abby


    Thanks for keeping everyone up-to-date. Your Mom and I were laughing about how you are the most informed out of all of us and your are in CA! Todays post brought tears to my eyes (but Bri might tell you after this morning that it doesn’t take much to do that these days!) Thank you.

  3. Angela

    Thank you for your continued updates. This post made me cry. Happy birthday to your beautiful Jameson. He is so precious. Thank you for specifics in prayer and your soft heart.


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