thursday night.

Tomorrow is our last day in Maine. How time flies.

This has been a very nice visit. Strolling through the Old Port, dinner at Flatbread Pizza, ice cream at Beal’s, dinner at Papa’s, a day over at Rebecca’s with lots of play time for Jameson and Cam, the Cumberland Fair, and a trip up to Great Nana Dunphey’s cottage… plus lots of relaxing here with Nana.

Jameson has become a little boy during this trip, I think. Watching him move around so quickly and confidently, his eyes darting from this to that, the wheels turning as he connects dots and calculates distances has been so much fun. He loves Camryn in his boyish baby way (i.e. grabbing her ponytails and giving her bear hugs.) He went on a carousel for the first time at the Cumberland Fair — and oh, the hot-shot smirk he wore when I first placed him on that pony! He sat so straight and held on like he’d been on fair rides all his life. Too funny!

Yes, he’s growing again, before my very eyes. How can it happen so quickly? I was thinking back tonight to the month before our cross-country move — and I can’t believe what a baby he was then, and what a little boy he’s becoming! I suppose this fleeting nature of infancy is what makes new life so fresh and so wonderful.

This evening he was being silly and giggly at Great Nana’s, and I marveled again at how much joy we find in babies. Here, this very aged woman was finding renewed energy and zest for life by simply being around her great grandbabies. Perhaps it is these small children, full of joy and sweetness, who are the elusive fountain of youth?

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