home sweet home

Home at last.

I say, “at last” because I was gone for three weeks (!), but also because there were, yet again, unfortunate happenings in the process of flying home.

Looooong story short, my flight was scheduled to leave Syracuse at 6pm, arrive in Atlanta, and then I’d get on another plane an hour later and head to San Francisco. Well, when I arrived at the Syracuse airport, the plane I was supposed to be boarding 40 minutes later was still on the runway in Atlanta. Huh. When I asked the representative whether or not I’d make my connection, she said, “Well, it would be close.”

“How close?”

“Well, three minutes.”

Huh. Again.

I decided to try again in the morning and had them rebook me.

Wouldn’t ya know, I showed up Wednesday morning, only to find my plane was delayed, and I would once again miss my connecting flight.

At least this time, my connecting flight wasn’t the last of the day, and there were later options I could hop aboard.

Which I did, and we got here. Safe and sound, albeit a bit disillusioned with flying. (As if I wasn’t already.)

Actually, I took the previous moral of the story to heart, and managed to stay chipper throughout this process of being bumped around with a baby in tow.

Anyway, I’m finally home.

Home to a husband who misses me.

And a garden that misses me, dust bunnies that miss me, laundry that misses me, an empty fridge that misses me…


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  1. lnancy

    memories of your “little man” diving into a camp mattress, a basket of toys, and all sorts of interesting stuff at our house makes me smile. Loved just being with you….
    sorry your trip home was full of fits & starts.
    you are a trooper!


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