a season to be thankful. (*edit*)

November 1st.

Had you been a fly on the wall of my bedroom this morning, you would have heard my annual sigh of relief.

Because it’s over. The month-long obsession with spiderwebs, witches, ghosts and ghouls is over.

Moving on to celebrate other things…

Things like








squanto, bradford, and peregrine white.

While the marketing gurus have decided they’ll make more money if they skip right from Halloween to Christmas, can we please please remember a very important holiday right in the middle? If you’ve never made much of Thanksgiving, maybe this can be a year of firsts! I can’t think of a much more inspiring, good-for-the-soul exercise than dwelling for a few weeks on the providence of God.

What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? Please, share!

…And here’s to pumpkin pies, cinnamon candles, and remembering the Mayflower!

*edit* I remembered this evening a nice tradition I’d observed at a family’s home in Potsdam. They had a Thanksgiving journal, and every year, they wrote a succinct list of milestones and testimonies from the previous year, and on the facing page, attached a few photos. I think I would like to do something like that with our family.

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  1. Sarah

    My favorite part of Thanksgiving is… sort of intangible. It’s the warm, homey feeling I always got when the house fills with people and the air smells like stuffing and pies, and everyone is hugging and laughing and kids are chasing each other around the house, and the outside air is cold and crisp… and…yeah. :)

  2. Quinne

    Hi Danica :) One of my favorite traditions for Thanksgiving is baking Granny Pearl’s Pumpkin Pies. They are that beyond delicious old fashioned variety, and I’ve never tasted any quite like them anywhere else! To be truthful, I am quite the PPie snob these days, rarely tasting anyone else’s (ugh! how’s that for a confession) – lol!

    Usually, I am a serious “stick to tradition” kind of girl about baking the first of these for the year on the night before Thanksgiving. This year, I was ready to make some at the first hint of fall in the air! We have made them and shared them, and it has been so fun! I don’t think the day will be compromised one bit by beginning the thankfulness a little early. Love, Q

  3. Danica


    Is Granny Pearl’s pie a secret family recipe, or is it “post-able”? Because I loooove pumpkin pie, and I’d love to see how you make yours!

  4. diane

    We do keep a journal! Everyone is invited to write their own special issues of thankfulness,
    only I never thought of adding the photos – nice touch!! And everyone throws a favorite Scripture
    about thankfulness into a bowl, and draws one before Thanksgiving feast to read at the table.
    And one other thing we like to do: we begin our Alexander project. It began with a boy who was
    a hungry orphan. We have one simple meal a week, take the $$ that saves, and put it into
    a child/hunger fund, like World Vision. We do that until Christmas, and that’s our Christmas
    present to Jesus.
    I love your blog. It keeps us near, and helps keep my focus on Christ as I watch you walk out
    your faith! Thanks! Love….

  5. Quinne

    Hi Danica :) Yes, I’ll be glad to share it with you! I’ll try to put it here tomorrow afternoon (I just love laaazzzy Sunday aftns, don’t you?). Love, Q

  6. Judy T.

    I have had a “Thanksgiving box” in the past that I have used in different ways throughout the month of November. It is a simple, homemade “box” made from an oatmeal container. It is more like a “Thanksgiving cylinder!” :-) We covered it in orange paper and decorated it with Thanksgiving stickers. Fun. Anyways, this year I set it on the kitchen counter and when visitors come during the month I ask them to write down something that they are thankful for that happened during the year. Each member of our family will do the same. We plan on reading these at the table while we digest our Thanksging meal (btw…our turkey this year is homegrown by none other than the Tomford boys!).
    Love to all,


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