See you later!

It’s been echoing in my heart all day. Like Mr. Skoglund said, the road between now and then may be long and hard, but we know that when it ends, we’ll all be together. What amazing hope!

I’m asking the Lord to use this tragedy in my life, as I’m sure we all are…

Put this life in perspective, Lord. There may be moments of agony that seem to drag on forever, but You endured the cross because of Joy ahead. Bring eternity to bear on my days of sorrow — and on days of distraction and apathy. Let me live, eagerly anticipating Your return, You who are my great reward, and let my life say OUT LOUD, “See You later!”


And my other prayer? Perhaps a bit more humble, but a truth I’ll cling to, just the same:

Thank You, Lord, for the dear husband who tore the blankets off this bed again, whose socks are tangled in the sheets. Thank You for the privilege of serving him, of being his wife. Help me to cherish moments together, and never fill them with complaints or harshness. His life, our life, is a gift from You… Thank You.

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  1. Quinne

    Hi Danica :) Thank you for this lovely post. Reading your prayers was a refreshing and a reflection of how my heart is faring, too.

    Those precious words “see you later” will never ring in my ears or in the hope I have in the same way again. What a living joy! That message was amazing, and I pray with great hope for how the Father will use it in the lives of those who attended – as well as those who read it.

    Praying for you with love :) Q


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