to-do: be a big boy

Someone around here is getting older and wiser by the minute.

No, it isn’t me. (I’m getting older, yes; wiser? …I’m not so sure.)

There must have been a note on the calendar this past Monday — one that I failed to see, but that he took note of. One that read something like this:

— begin to show complete understanding of everything Mama says by running ahead of her to the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedroom — whichever room she just said she’s heading to.

— pull the tupperware out as usual, but instead of just pushing it around, find the proper lids for each container and put them on yourself.

— refuse to eat orange slices that are plopped in front of you on the table; instead, squeal and reach toward the cupboard until your mother realizes you insist on having a plate, like any civilized person.

— run everywhere. Do not stop to find your balance. Just run. Headlong.

— don’t be put off with silly board books and building blocks. Find a way to be involved in every chore your mother does. (If she’s ignoring you, just grab your own apron, and pull a chair up to the counter. She’ll catch on.)

— start pulling your weight. Help with moving laundry from dryer to couch. Also help put piles away. Obey simple commands, like, “Bring this to the kitchen.”

— continue telling jokes. Begin to also include long stories, and always talk with your hands.

— look straight into Mama’s eyes while speaking to her, and show her that you really mean what you say.

— fuss when you hear the phrase, “Time for bed!”

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  1. sarah o.

    Isn’t it sad and exciting at the same time to watch them grow? I love all the new things Kate is learning and doing, but sometimes I miss the things she did when she was littler. Now she wants me to come and see all the snow… so off I go!

  2. Katie

    I love it! Liam is doing so many of the same exact things. Only besides the plate, he insists on having a fork as well. This took me a while to catch on to what he was asking for :-D

    You know what solved bedtime blues for us? When I ask “Ready for bed?” Liam now runs to the hall flapping his hands wildly calling “Night Dadda! Night E-ma! Night E-pa!” We have a family picture hanging in the hallway of Jake’s family, and a picture of Jake, myself, and Isaac (when Isaac was little). Once when he was crying as I carried him I said “Look! Dadda! Say goodnight to Dadda!” Completely distracted him and now he likes to say goodnight to the pictures he sees only right before nap and bed time :-) (E-Ma and E-Pa are what our kids call Jake’s parents.. Isaac started this when he was learning to talk. We don’t know why, but it has stuck)

  3. Quinne

    Hi Danica :) What a very grand little man! My mommy’s heart tugged and ached a little with you as I read. It’s such an exciting time (not to mention fleeting). We are looking square into the eyes of bday #2 – one week from today – yikes! Love you, Q

  4. Keila

    How cute! Doesn’t it really just seem to happen over night? It doesn’t cease to amaze me (and keep me on my toes) as they discover more and more about the world around them! Love you!!!

  5. diane

    what you’re feeding that boy, I want!
    brain power, perceptability, energy, energy, energy!
    isn’t it soooo amazing!?!?


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