phone vs. danica

I left my phone in NY on January 1st. Major bummer. Eventually I got it back, but I spent three phone-less weeks waiting. I’ve always hated (HATED) talking on the phone, but not having one for three weeks was a little lonely.

Anyway, I finally got it back last week, and wouldn’t you know, Jameson gave it a good solid swish in the toilet the next day.

Good grief.

5 Comments phone vs. danica

  1. Katie

    Lol!!! Sorry, I know that’s not really and truly funny.

    But it is funny to me :-D Since I’m over hear in little-people-ville and also experience similar occurences ;-)

  2. Lori Ruehle

    I just read your latest link on the side about how children relate to their divorced parents as they age. Tim’s parents are divorced and we are now in a position of being expected to “fill in” in his mom’s life, taking on tasks that would have been his father’s role, had they stayed married (shoveling, fixing things, getting things out of storage). It baffles me that many so-called “experts” claim that the children of divorce are better off than if the parents had stayed in an “unhappy marriage”. I can’t help but wonder if they ever actually spoke to any of those children. I’m glad there is someone out there who is acknowledging the difficulties it divorce presents for children later on in life.


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