It’s that first Sunday.

You know, the one that smells like spring is in the air. And when you come home from church, you put on a t-shirt and flip-flops, even if it’s not quite that warm, because. Because you can. And then you open all of the windows and watch kids play outside in the sunshine. When dinner’s cleaned up, you walk to the park, because that’s what you do in the summer on a Sunday afternoon. Then you fall asleep to the breeze blowing through your open window, and the whoosh of cars driving by — the sounds of a summer nap, because the windows are open. And when you step outside, the evening is balmy, and the smell of hamburgers wafts on the breeze: someone has officially ended winter with a barbecue.

I love this first summery Sunday. Love it.

…I’m just not used to it being before Valentine’s Day.

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  1. darlene

    That is a little strange. Summer and Valentine’s Day.

    I don’t know. This year I am so happy to have the snow continue. Every day a fresh covering seems to arrive, bringing pure whiteness all around. And there is just enough sunshine and blue sky to seem cheery. On a few days the temps have been mild enough to make me want to become a skieror do something that would keep me out there. I will have to don the clunky moon boot things and take a walk if I dare.

    I think the rushed seasons leave my head spinning. I’ve been feeling behind for about the last five seasons now – maybe this arrival of spring won’t have me feeling quite so undone. Maybe. If I get my act together and make the most of the last remaining weeks of hard, cold winter. So, I’ve loving it. Every morning I feel like I’m getting one more chance to make the most of it!

  2. Bec, Kip & Cam

    Oh, how we would love to be back living in California! Though Florida does not appeal to us in the same way that Cali did, we are looking forward to the season after season of warmth.
    I always thought we were total New Englanders, loving the season changes. As we’ve gotten odler, however, Kip and I cannot imagine how we’ve survived these snow-filled Maine winters. Last night after shoveling mom’s driveway and then coming home to snow-blow ours, Kip and I decided that this move was meant to be!
    I can’t wait to have the “spring is in the air” feeling every day. Enjoy!


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