the bunz are officially fuzzi.

Last night my much-awaited package arrived:

This morning, Jameson happily models the contents:

Wish us luck!!

11 Comments the bunz are officially fuzzi.

  1. Tracy Wood

    Yeah for Fuzzi Bunz! We love ours and have been using them since Jack was 2 months old. Feel free to write if you have any questions about care or technique! What kind of inserts did you get? By the way, Ann and Colin are napping downstairs in our family room since they got snowed in here on their way home from NYC…they told us all about your cute abode and sweet Jameson!

  2. Melisa

    I used cloth diapers for all three and found it to be well worth it!!Despite all the negative “vibes”….good for you!I admire you for giving it a whirl ;)

  3. Katie

    Hooray! I told jake the other day after all our discussion on cloth “Hey look honey, I’m continuing to infect, I mean inspire others with my obsession I mean passion” ;-D

    Just remember – if you encounter any problem there is always a solution! I love CDing I think you will too!

  4. Michelle Perez

    Hey D. I was just wondering where I can email you so that I can catch you up with everything that has been going on. Talk to you soon.

  5. brietta

    Where did you order yours from? Do you like them?

    And what are your thoughts on the research that says that all the hot water used for cloth isn’t actually any better than the landfills– just different?

    I want to hear the official review: why, how’s it working, etc.!!!!!! :)

  6. Mary

    Yay for cloth diapers! (I love the Bum Genius brand!) I haven’t tried Fuzzi Bunz, yet but Jameson sure makes a great model, for them!

    Hey- have you found that 1/2 cup of vinegar in a wash load of diapers/baby clothes makes a great stain remover? I love it!


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