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I’ll make sure to write about how the fuzzibunz are working for me. But for now, I’m just taking in all of the info in the comments!

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  1. diane

    Didn’t you open the can on this one!? I just want to add one more parting comment- maybe it’s just the easiest route, but there are some areas in life you don’t need to figure out. By that I mean, I don’t tell the plumber how I want the pipes to run under my sink, and I don’t tell the garage mechanic how to fix my car. Find yourself a pediatrician you trust and then do just that – trust him. I cringe when I hear so many people researching medical decisions on line and going against the advice of their physician who has had years of med school and years of experience in dealing with public and private health issues, and seen thousands of patients, and is probably smarter than I am to begin with! Trusting God often means using the resources available to us, not rejecting them and asking for a miracle. Docs know how to tailor their immun. program to deal with reactions and responses individually in each kid. Pray, relax and proceed, however you come down on the issue.
    Love to you!


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