a guessing game.

It started three weeks ago, when I decided to kick the sugar habit (with the exception of my morning coffee). My stomach felt “off” all the time, and I thought, how pathetic. I’m so addicted to sugar that my body is freaking out.

Then came the-bad-mood-that-wouldn’t-leave. I understood maybe being a bit homesick (I know, I know… still), or getting a little tired and therefore more irritable, but we’re talking major regression. Like, the little things I thought I’d learned to just let go all wiggling their way under my skin, and not leaving.

And then the little question that pops in and out of my head on occasion, the “I wonder?…”, popped back in and wouldn’t leave.

Suddenly it all added up.

And it wasn’t sugar.

Can you guess??


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  1. Michelle Perez

    Yeahhhhhhhhh……. I’m so excited for you guys. Blessings upon you and yours.

  2. sarah o.

    Sounds like it might be something sweet though, even if it isn’t sugar. Sweet round cheeks, sweet smell, sweet soft fuzzy head, sweet breath. Mmm. Very exciting!

  3. sam

    Completely off topic but…
    Did you happen to see the wrap skirt tutorial on SMS yesterday? If so, you didn’t happen to print it out did you? I bookmarked it and went back today and it has been removed. (I’m thinking she removed it because she is now planning on selling patterns.) Anyway… I am headed to the fabric store/thrift shops later today and was hoping to try it out. If you have it would you please share? :)

  4. Quinne

    Hi Danica :) HOW WONDERFUL!! May these days be most blessed, even if a little “ick” creeps in here and there :) I am praying with and for you -and especially for your little Mr J. Love, Q

    PS – LOL, Nancy!

  5. diane

    well, I ran into Lore last night at the library, so I was all caught up and ready to write you today!!! OOoh, I, too, was waiting for this!
    I know,I know,I know the roller coaster. Oh why couldn’t it be easier?!
    But, then, on the other hand, with that end result being so dog-gone fantastic, maybe it should actually be harder! I will be praying for smooth sailing, and for that homesickness to take a hike! May His omnipotent presence be ever closer and more comforting…lots of love, Diane

  6. Carole

    Congratulations. How very exciting! When are you due?
    I admire your anti-sugar kick (um, I mean habit…). I would love to do it but am so addicted that I don’t want to try to eliminate it 100% for fear of failing so miserably. I liked your anti-sugar except for on the weekends idea. That might be more manageable for me.
    I’ve been drinking a green smoothie a day and it has helped a lot with my energy – you might enjoy that as a snack instead of sugary things.

  7. Katie

    Hooray!!!! Congratulations Ryan and Danica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Jameson too :-) He’s going to be a doll of a big brother! I’m so very excited for you (can’t you tell by all the exclamation marks? :-D)

  8. brietta

    The real guessing game is when you’re due! And I’m putting in my official guess as sometime in the 20s of October, based on you first feeling “off” around Valentine’s Day and now feeling full-blown yucky. What’s your guess???


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