being a mom.

LunchRyan took Jameson this morning for a nice long outing, giving me a few hours to do some fast and frantic sewing. I thought this sounded like a great plan last night, when we talked about it.

But then Ry started sending me pictures from his phone — pictures of them eating lunch and playing and being together.

And oh, I wanted to be there with them! I love to sew. I love to write. I love to play piano. But whenever Ryan offers to take care of Jameson so I can do any of those things, I end up realizing that what I really really love is being a mom.

DriveShortly after Jameson was born, my compadres — Liz and Lore, of course — were hanging out with me. After watching me care for him all evening — every moment, every second, you know, the way moms have to — they asked, Do you ever get bored? Do you get tired of the constancy?

I smiled.

No. It never even occurs to me to be bored, I said. I love this baby.

And I still do.

2 Comments being a mom.

  1. Katie

    Isn’t it amazing? The love is beyond description. Which gave me a whole new picture of God’s love for me once I became a parent.

  2. Margaret Nordberg

    that’s exactly the way I felt about all my children. I was rarely ever interested in getting a babysitter. Even though they are “big and grown”, they are the people I most want to be with, even now. I loved being a mom- it’s the BEST!!!


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