sugar, spice, … and puppy dog tails.

Last week, I purchased 1 1/2 yards of pretty pink gingham for a project. When I pulled that pile of pink out of my dryer, I realized how terribly short on pretty little girl things my current life is. Slowly that pile of pink began to take shape, and today, at last, I ironed the finished product and smiled. How pink. How gingham-y. How sweet.

Then, it was back to real life.

This pile was begging to be tackled…

…and turned into a few pairs of these:

True to form, Jameson was thrilled to realize I’d made something for him, and gave me a cute little “look! new pants!” smile when I put them on him.

21 Comments sugar, spice, … and puppy dog tails.

  1. darlenesinclair

    Should’ve known that these quiet days without Ryan home would end up in creative projects. Good for you — and good for Jameson — and some lucky little girl!

  2. diane

    Oh yea,that’s it alright. That’s you. As soon as I knew you were pregnant, I knew you were going to have a girl. Of course I made a mistake on that same kind of intuition with my babies a couple times!
    When Rebecca was born, I brought out one of my grandmother’s beautiful aprons and made it into a tiny little dress for her! So fun!

  3. Ryan

    Note to others, these type of baggy pants she’s been making are so hip. I think they’re awesome.

    Great job babe! …miss you.


  4. brietta

    Those pants are awesome! You are such a great seamstress!

    Such a plan would never work around here, even if I could sew. Usually when Daniel’s shirts are retired, it’s because they’re stained. Like, really badly. What can I say? He’s pretty hard on clothes. (and shoes. and guitar strings.)

  5. brietta

    Note to Ryan: whenever you buy a house, make sure there’s a sewing room (or corner, anyway) for Danica. It will be so worth it to have a nice little place for her to keep her machine and fabrics all set up!

  6. Danica

    Thanks, everyone, for your nice comments!!

    Lisa — Ryan bought me this machine our first Christmas. It was the first new machine I’d ever had — in fact, up until then, I did all my sewing on almost-dead ancient specimens that my dad would try to fix and keep alive! I really, really like this machine. It’s fairly basic — which is what I need! — but it’s on the high end of basic. It’s economical (and I think it goes on sale for $199 every year at Christmas time). It’s easy to use. And it produces really nice results, I think.

    As for sewing, I guess I picked up some basics of hand sewing and creating my own designs from my mom and grandmother. Mom sent me to spend three days with a seamstress when I was 12, and she gave me a huge crash course in using patterns and sewing with a machine, because my mom, uh, doesn’t really get it. :)

  7. Sarah Diederich


    I too have pink gingham fabric…sitting in a pile of other fabric…for years…waiting to be made into beautiful clothes, pillow covers, or curtains.
    Maybe someday??? :)

    Enjoy your creative moments when you can. They nearly disappear with the birth of each new baby!
    By the way, Kenmore machines ARE great!!! They are mechanically identical to Janome machines (which are WAY overpriced) and do just as nice a job.
    So fun!!!

    Sarah D.

  8. darlenesinclair

    Actually, Danica tried to teach me to sew once and almost ended up pulling all her hair out! Technical I am not. I like hand sewing though. Just don’t get much done… ;)

  9. LisaC.

    Oh, how I am laughing!!!
    The other night I pulled out my pathetic little sewing kit to mend a hole in the armpit of one of my few maternity shirts.
    All seven of the kids crowded around my chair and were saying things like, “What is THAT?” and “What on earth are you doing, Mom?”
    Eric was getting quite a kick out of the whole thing.
    Yeah- pitiful.
    But seeing Danica’s handiwork and thinking about my own daughters…
    I think I know what I’ll ask for come Christmas! Thanks once again for the inspiration.

  10. Michele LaPointe

    I have always been amazed that a flat, one-dimensional piece of material can become something. Especially something beautiful!
    I am totally unable to understand patterns. They, and building plans, challenge my perceptual abilities!
    I need to pay others to even sew on buttons–child of the sixties and all that!
    Poor Colin has missing buttons from almost everything!

    Great creative gift that God has blessed you with…


  11. Rebecca Willy

    Yeah, Danica-
    Camryn will be so proud to by the recipient of your amazing talents. We sent the princesses out today (and if they don’t work, they are not necessary). Cam is looking forward to her special PINK princess birthday dress. Thank you– it is so sweet and just like the photo I sent you… only much cuter. Even the button on the back is perfect! Thank you,
    :) Bec

  12. Danica

    @Bri: The plates are just pfaltzgraff, but I assume you’re referring to the cups and saucers. Those two sets were a gift from Mrs. Nordberg when we moved.

  13. Ryan

    Sarah Diederich is the authority all things sewing. When I was looking for a sewing machine, I asked her which one to get. ….and that’s the one we got, no questions asked.



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