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:: Belly photos are coming. I promise. I can’t believe how fast this belly has grown — along with the other growth that is wont to happen. (You know. Chubby face. Etc.) I also can’t believe how quickly and intensely I’m already feeling this pregnancy. Perhaps the timing was the same with Jameson, but goodness, I wasn’t prepared to already be battling sciatic flare-ups and constant trips to the bathroom. I mean, we’re only at 15 weeks. Goodness!

:: Warm weather has finally come to the Peninsula. The last three mornings I’ve opened up the windows first thing and delighted in the amazingly energizing summer morning air. I love, love, love it. Summer mornings and summer nights are the best. In my heaven, we’re going to go right from 11:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. every day. I will sit outside in the heavenly morning air, sipping coffee and admiring my flower gardens, and then go right into an evening stroll along the river as the moon rises. Perfect.

:: Last night I was laying on my bed at 9:30, getting a little one to sleep (he had a bit of trouble, but we got there.) When I glanced at the clock, my first thought was, “Oh good. It’s 9:30. I can go to bed.” Then I laughed to myself as I sort of vaguely remembered that I used to think, “Oh, good, it’s only 9:30. Time for me to make myself some dinner, start a load of laundry, and get most of my homework done!” Ah, what a difference a baby makes.

:: This is a Monday to beat all Mondays. The cupboards are bare. And I mean it. The laundry is… well, everything’s dirty, and nothing is clean. The house is as you’d imagine it would be after a long weekend of purposing to just enjoy being together and not worry too much about chores. (How on earth a little family like ours can wreck a house this badly, simply by living in it, is beyond me. Proof of entropy, I suppose.) So, where to start.

How about sitting at my table, enjoying three freshly-plucked rose buds, a cup of coffee, summer breeze, and a psalm or two? Yup. Sounds just about right.

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  1. Renee

    I know what you mean about really “feeling” pregnancy #2! It is amazing how much sooner you start to ‘pop’ out. What has been the most significant difference for me at least is the feeling of soreness in pubic/pelvis area which I CLEARLY remember not feeling or I guess noticing until the last month with Asher. This time around though I started ‘feeling it’ 4 months in. I guess it makes sense though, everything has ‘been there and done that’ as far as stretching goes!!

    And good for you, take your break and get refreshed. Dishes, laundry, messes etc… will always be there.

  2. stephanie

    Hi Danica – I’m pregnant with #4 – first 2 are adopted from foster care, so this is 2nd pregnancy – I’m 19 1/2 weeks and have had the same experience – everything seems to be happening so much sooner!! But that means I felt all the teeny baby wiggles earlier too – a great trade off. 1 & 2 are boys – 3 is a girl – and this is a boy! Our daughter, Aderyn, will always have her own room, and will never have a boyfriend!! ;)

    Blessings – love reading your stuff and getting to know your family –
    Steph in Racine


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