Look at how big my boy is!

…and this is how big my second baby is. :)

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  1. Katie

    Look at his little hair cut! He looks like a big-boy now! Liam is still sporting the long curls. I can’t get myself to cut his perfect little pin curl tendrils. Plus I’m not sure how it would look afterwards, if it would be short but sticking every which way because of the natural waves and curls.

    I love the shirt you’re wearing. You’re an absolutely adorable pregnant woman! :-)

  2. sam

    There’s nothing like cutting off those curls to make them seem like they grew up overnight. He is adorable, so are you.

  3. diane

    Yup, the haircut on Jameson turned him into a big boy!
    And I love the way pregnancy turns your amazing hair into amazing,amazing,amazing hair!

  4. Keila

    Oh, my, Danica! It’s amazing how the haircuts change them!!! He is such a handsome little boy! And you look radiant!!! Love you!!!

  5. brietta

    He looks like he’s in the motion of dribbling the ball, which just adds to the grown-up look. Unbelievable! I feel like he was just born. Seriously.

  6. Sarah

    Woah – the hair cut just took him from “sooo Danica”….to “soooo Ryan!” Ryan was the sweetest looking little boy ever (I can’t say ‘acting’ cause I wasn’t around yet)….but it looks like Jameson is following quickly in Daddy’s footsteps. I haven’t seen him in “live” in forever…any east coast trips planned?…or is it my auntie duty to book a trip???? D – you beam – glow – a radiant beaming glow! =) SJD

  7. nana nene

    oh my he has just turned into a little ryan with the hair cut. this picture i have of ryan on my desk is like looking at jameson now. i sent a tiny one to you that i had given to my mother way back when she took care of him while i worked. you look fantastic. happy mothers day. love.nana nene


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